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Even if you've tried chiropractic care, you may not have experienced anything like this before. Rather than just spinal alignments for lower back pain, neck pain, and generalized neck pain, Dr. Nate Browne, our Dunwoody, GA, chiropractor can offer a different approach known as Zone Technique. Our chiropractor is here to help.


Why Zone Technique Is Different

Traditionally, a chiropractic focuses on improving nervous system function by correcting subluxations in the spine. These can disrupt normal nervous system function. While the Zone Technique also focuses on the nervous system, it also centers around the brain - the main controller of the body. This is the area of the body that controls the nervous system. It plays a role in various processes throughout the body, including digestion, motor function, and more. 

With the Zone Technique, our chiropractor finds where any dysfunction lies through a specialized process. He then can know that this region of the brain may not be in sync with the rest and maybe causing the patient's problems. 

Once the trigger is found, our chiropractor can help realign the spinal cord. This may help the brain center and may help the brain to rebalance. As a result, your body can repair itself and function more optimally. 

Chiropractic Care 

In addition to Zone Technique, he also can provide other adjustments for back pain, such as lower back pain from degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or more. 

These adjustments help with neck pain as well. It's easy for you to stress your neck from your daily life. It doesn't help that your neck joints are also susceptible to arthritis, degeneration, and other issues. 

He's well-versed in a chiropractic care, making him a suitable option for many types of patients with acute or chronic pain. He can work with you and find the one that's right for you. 

Additionally, our chiropractor offers corrective exercises. These can help with healing and pain relief.

Visit Us for More Information about Chronic Pain and Zone Technique

Are you tired of back pain or neck pain? Are you ready to experience Zone Technique or chiropractic care for yourself?  Dr. Nate Browne, chiropractic serving Dunwoody, GA, and the nearby region, can offer you therapies to help with the healing and pain management. Schedule an appointment with us to get the healing and help you need to return to your life. Our chiropractor is here to help you.

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Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Nate Browne

    Practicing in the Atlanta area for the last twelve years Dr. Browne has worked with patients of all ages suffering from a multitude of issues ranging from sciatica to acid reflux. His philosophy is simple, give the patient what they need and nothing more. Being a great listener and taking the time to educate his patients on their issues while offering reasonable solutions has been the key to his success. “Achieving optimal health takes team work, if a patient is provided with the tools to be successful outside the office they will be more apt to sustain their quality of life when setbacks arise.” Dr. Browne has worked alongside orthopedic surgeons, Emory trained physiatrists, physical therapists and general internists in an effort to expand his global knowledge of pain management and to be able to offer his patients wide ranging options for comprehensive care. Having a strong understanding of the allopathic model has been instrumental in offering holistic options that promote longevity without relying so heavily on prescription drugs. Dr. Browne is certified in the Zone Technique, a spinal cord stimulation technique that is world renowned for its success addressing a wide variety of issues over and above neck and back pain.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Nate is one of the top chiropractors in Atlanta. I cannot recommend him enough. He honestly cares about his patients and providing high quality service. He tailors his technique to the patient’s needs. I would never go to any other chiropractor in town. He truly is the best at what he does."
    Ryan Schwartz
  • "Very caring and knowledgeable chiropractor. Your in great hands with Dr. Nate. Has worked wonders on my spine."
    Susan Shaw
  • "Dr. Browne knows his stuff! Whenever I've had any type of pain, he asks me questions and then makes the necessary adjustments. It's so nice to have someone like Dr. Browne that I can 100% trust to help make me feel better. I gladly give my recommendation to anyone looking to feel better!"
    Andy Shefsky
  • "Dr Browne has always been there to help straighten me out when I've had back injuries and joint issues. Hes my go to and i continually recommend him to all my friends and family in need of excellent chiropractic care."
    Andrew Zuercher
  • "Definitely highly recommend!!! As a nurse, I admit I was a bit skeptical of chiropractic medicine but once I walked into the office-and had my treatments-I became fully vested! I had injured my back during a kettle bell class and even after the first treatment, my pain was 90% better and after the 2nd treatment, I was 100%! Dr. Browne was so reassuring and genuine with his care and advice!"
    Karen Spandorfer
  • "Highly professional and courteous. Very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body and how to help treat the individual."
    Brent Pease
  • "I go to Nate Browne, DC for chiropractic care. I was told by a friend to tell my chiro about my reflux. Why I didn’t think to do so before is beyond me. He did an adjustment and I havent had reflux symptoms since. My mind is still blown. I have had reflux symptoms daily for over 10 years. I have also had issues with my adrenals (I do not produce enough cortisol) he provided Adrenal support supplements and I have slept solidly through the night for the first time since before pregnancy (3+ years ago) I cannot recommend him enough. If you are experiencing reflux or any other issues tell your chiro! Lesson learned! If you do not have a chiro, I highly recommend Nate!"
    Rebecca Morea
  • "COMING SOON..."

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